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Why Clean Your Roof ?

Owens Corning, the worlds largest shingle manufacturer,  feel that the black streaks on your roof (an algae known as gleocapsa magma) can cause premature granule loss w/o periodic roof cleaning, and considerably shorten the life of your residential or commercial roof! 

As your roofing shingles are turned black by the growing algae, they retain more heat leading to increased shingle deterioration. Your black roof algae infestation can and will easily spread to your neighbors home if roof cleaning is not performed.  Not only is the algae damaging your shingles, but also detracting from the  "Curb Appeal" of your home.  A new looking roof will make your home more valuable and your neighbors happy!

How to Clean a Roof ? The Roof Cleaning Process Explained ...

First, we properly prepare the landscaping surrounding your home. We generously water then cover your plants before cleaning theroof. All gutter drains are bagged to catch any runoff that may occur.

Although it is not required, our preparation assures that your plants and lawn will be unharmed throughout the cleaning process. We take every precaution we can to protect your landscaping around the home.

landscape preperation before cleaning a roof

Some Roofs may have debris such as pine needles, sticks and loose dirt. Before we begin to apply our soap we safely sweep the roof when necessary with a soft bristle broom.

remove loose debris with soft bristle broom

After we are sure that your landscaping is protected, we start the roof cleaning process by gently soaking your roof in our unique cleaning formula from our custom made spray applicator. What sets Rooftop Wizards’ formula apart from other roof cleaners’ product is that our formula contains foaming agents that vastly decrease runoff from the spraying process. This helps keep the product off of your lawn, plants, patios, and decks. 

remove loose debris with soft bristle broom

We spend the next several hours applying multiple coats of cleaning product to your roof to make 100% certain that we have covered every spot that needs cleaning. Results start to appear right away. You will see the black algae stains starting to disappear immediately and all of the moss and lichen will be turning white in color as it dies. At this point will we recommend waiting for the rain and sun to cycle several times for the cleaning to be complete.

You will find that the dead moss and lichen dries in the sun then washes away in the rain, leaving your roof COMPLETELY CLEAN!