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whats eating your roof

What's Eating Your Roof ?

Pollution, tree sap and jet exhaust are the first things people think of when they see staining on their roof. Many are surprised to find that virtually all roof staining and discoloration is organic matter in various stages of growth and decay. Algae, mold, mildew, lichen, and moss are the main culprits.

The black roof streaks you see are actually algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. This algae spreads itself by unseen microscopic spores, just like a dandelion weed. Its spores are airborne and lie dormant until they land on a hospitable environment with moisture and a food source…and guess what that food source is? Your roof. Shingles made today contain massive amounts of food that algae love to eat – that food being limestone. Yes, it is actually eating your roof. In most cases the algae will take root on the north or west facing roof surface or any area of the roof that is subject to limited sunlight. This lack of sunlight allows the roof surface to remain wet longer, providing a perfect environment for the algae to grow.

This eventually leads to extensive shingle damage and the need for early replacement, costing you thousands.

instantly increase the value and curb appeal of your home

Instantly Boost Curb Appeal & Extend The Life of Your Roof !

If you’re thinking about replacing the roof on your home or business because of the streaks, then think again.

Odds are your roof has not reached the end of its life expectancy. The majority of roof replacements are done unnecessarily early and are VERY expensive! If your roof is in good structural condition, but has black streaks (black algae), moss, or lichen patches on it, IT DOES NOT NEED REPLACEMENT. It needs a ROOFTOP WIZARDS Soft Roof Wash !

house for sale clean the roof

Home For Sale ?

Are you putting your home on the market or have future plans to? Selling a home with a dirty roof is like trying to sell a dirty car with mud all over it, but much worse.

Why deal with un-needed negotiations and negative attention about your roof with potential buyers when you can have a NEW looking roof from the get-go?

You wouldn’t risk having peeling paint and unkept landscaping when you’re trying to sell your home, so don’t risk having a dirty roof give your buyers the wrong impression!

it is safe to soft wash a roof

Is It Safe ?

At Rooftop Wizards we only use the methods approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association and the leading shingle manufacturers.

Roofs must be cleaned with a gentle, soft wash. Rooftop Wizards uses the only soft washing method approved by shingle manufacturers. Our non-damaging technique along with our unique cleaning formula assures to keep your roof clean and algae free for YEARS! Don’t risk your expensive roof by using the wrong cleaning methods!

Rooftop Wizards also takes great care in protecting the landscaping around your home. We cover all bushes, plants and trees and keep them properly protected throughout the cleaning process.

Some companies and individuals think it’s ok to simply clean roofs with pressure washing.

This is NOT ok! Pressure washing leads to damaged shingles, non-uniform color, and DOES NOT prevent algae, moss and lichen from growing back, it actually promotes growth of damaging organisms !

dont wait clean your roof now

Don't Wait ! Have Your Roof Cleaned Now !

If you have black streaks (black algae), moss, or lichen growing on your roof, It's not just an eye soar...


The organisms are feeding off of the materials in your shingles and wearing away at the integrity of your shingles and roof. We promise to completely ELIMINATE these problems from your roof and keep your roof healthy for years to come.

results are same day

How Long for Results ?

When Rooftop Wizards cleans your roof, you will start to see results the same day. Most of the black algae will be gone right away. The moss, lichen, and problem spots take a few rain and sun cycles to completely wash off. View our gallery for some stunning before and after photos of roofs that have gone through the complete Rooftop Wizards’ cleaning process.

how much will it cost

How Much Will It Cost ?

Most customers are shocked at how little we charge. Our services cost a small fraction of a roof replacement and often times make your roof look as good as new! Why spend thousands of dollars on a new roof when you can have the look and the life of your roof greatly improved for HUNDREDS? That’s correct, our prices start in the LOW TO MID HUNDREDS of dollars!

During our Spring Season Sale most single story roofs $300 and $400 for most two story roofs.


Experienced and Professional

We have soft washed roofs, siding, decks and more since 2008. With over 600+ roof cleanings under our belt we have seen and cleaned all types of roofs in the capital region.

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In Both Techniques and Safety-OSHA Compliant.

Professionally trained staff by a nationally accredited association
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Committed to your satisfaction
We Provide a 3 Year Guarantee Against The Return of Black Algae Streaks.

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We Network With Leading Companies In country.

At Rooftop Wizards we only use the methods approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association and the leading shingle manufacturers. We clean asphalt and slate roofs. Call us today to set up an appointment at 518-595-3335.